How to Make Sense of Your Life

Master Class Programme

This Programme takes you on a journey of self discovery, helps you understand your mind and often what holds you back. Included is 4 hours worth of videos with Alison explaining the functions of our minds and unpacking a lot of our unhealthy habits and behaviours. There are 49 exercises and 6 case studies to work through the whole Programme and these are divided across the 12 sessions. The idea is you work through it at your own pace and you can revisit any section as many times as you want.

Programme curriculum

  • 1

    Master Class Programme

    • Welcome to the Programme

    • Session 1 - Let's get started

    • Session 2 - What shapes us

    • Session 3 - Your Identity

    • Session 4 - Drama

    • Session 5 - Drama behaviours

    • Session 6 - Behaviours and habits

    • Session 7 - Changing the mould Step 1 - Awareness

    • Session 8 - Changing the mould Step 2 - Letting Go

    • Session 9 - Changing the mould Step 3 - Reframing

    • Session 10 - Changing the mould Step 4 - The power of language

    • Session 11 - Changing the mould - Step 4 Part 2

    • Session 12 - The Right Path


  • Do I need to have read the book A Path Travelled?

    The simple answer is no. This Programme brings the book to life and encourages you to work through the exercises to enhance your experience. Some say that they learn through watching videos rather than reading. It is a personal choice.

  • Is there support if I get stuck?

    Yes. There is a private Facebook group you are invited to join. Here you can share your experiences, ask questions, celebrate insights and encourage others. I will answer any questions, and offer live sessions occasionally.

  • Can I go back over sessions?

    Yes. You get a lifetimes access and you can repeat any session as many times as you want. The idea is that you take your time to watch the videos and complete the exercises. You can keep starting at the beginning and see what extra things you learn each time.

  • How do the interactive exercises work?

    All the exercises are interactive within the Programme, or can be downloaded and printed off. If you do add your answers inside the Programme they are private and personal to you. No one else can see these.

Programme Presenter

Mind Coach

Alison Blackler

Alison is a highly experienced and energetic mind coach who works innovatively and creatively. She has a wealth of experience around human behaviour; coaching, counselling and facilitation. She has a passion to help you overcome obstacles in your lives and is excited to share this programme of self discovery with you.